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[23 Nov 2007|09:57pm]

Hey, My name's Sammi. I'm 19 years old and I live in New York City. I'm looking for a penpal from California, Canada, France, England, Scotland, Ireland, or Australia. Music is my life, my favorites are Tegan & Sara, Garbage, Feist, Juliette & The Licks, Bright Eyes, and tons more. I love listening to Virgin Radio (a radio station in UK). I love movies, bars/clubbing, hanging out with friends, shopping, and just having a good time. I'm looking for a penpal within the ages of 18-22, preferably female.

Get back to me if you're interested!
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[06 Jun 2007|07:18pm]

Name: Nancy
Age/dob/sign: I'm an 18 year old Aquarius, born January 28.
Gender: Girl
Work/school: I just graduated from Valencia High School.
Location: California
E-mail: the.sweetnessfollows@gmail.com
Main interests: Include, but are not limited to, fashion, music, baking, photography, journalism, psychology, reading, philosophy, travel, film, models, poetry, culture, languages.
Music: I always listen to different things, and I'm open to all kinds of music. Right now I'm liking My Morning Jacket, Radiohead, Cary Brothers, Nine Days, and Jeff Buckley.
Movies: I love, love movies. Some of my favorites are Vanilla Sky, Fight Club, A Very Long Engagement, The Science of Sleep, Shopgirl, and Tom's Midnight Garden. (More movies)
Books/authors: I love reading as well. I loved The Grapes Of Wrath, also In Arcadia, Harry Potter, The Great Gatsby, Magical Thinking, Invisible Monsters, The Catcher In The Rye. I love Chuck Palahniuk, Augusten Burroughs, and Arthur Nersesian. (More books)
Other random favorite people/things/places: I would love to travel around Europe, I love learning about people, and my favorite drink is tea.
Collect: I keep my numerous amount of magazines.
Specifically seeking: Anyone between the ages of 16 and 28
Prefer long, medium or short letters?: Any letter, really
How many pen pals do you want?: There's no limit
International or local penpals?: Anywhere in the US

Letters I'm sending out this week:

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One. [04 Jun 2007|07:38am]
I would love to find ONE penpal from overseas. Preferably someone who speaks English considerably well, as I don't speak any other language, and someone who really doesn't mind the cost and effort that you have to put into having an overseas penpal. I am looking for someone from Europe or Asia, somewhere, I'd like to send little care packages of things that represent the country, society, and culture itself, like.. things that I would never be able to taste, see, or experience unless I went there, I want my penpal to be interested in other cultures, music, art, and to be creative and friendly... I hope this can happen?
I could also handle a few people just to write my thoughts out to, I have quite a few thoughts and absolutely no friends (outside of work-friends and the significant other, that is) I seem to move around quicker than people will befriend me.. so I'd like to at least get some of my thoughts off my chest.. I don't know if anyone would ever really want to hear them though. So.. someone understanding, supportive, creative and happy, preferably.
A few things about myself....
I'm 21, married, no children, I went to art school for a bit, I love to draw, paint, learn and create. I love other cultures, I would love to talk to people of other races (I'm just a little white girl, btw) Because I want to understand how it feels to live in this world, or rather, maybe this country, as a minority, I also have always wanted someone I could discuss racism with openly, I want to know how it effects people, why people are racist, how they get over it and what it really feels like to be discriminated against. These may seem like a silly thing to want to know, but until I was in high school, I was completely ignorant of prejudice, and I didn't even know racism still existed, I knew it had back in the 60's, but I thought ...you get the point right? I just really want to learn about people, I guess. So, give me your email and I will send you my address and we can get on with all of it!
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[06 May 2007|05:28pm]


This seems like a very cool community. I'm new here, and thought I'd make a post :) 

Name: Mia
Age: 18
Location: Santa Cruz, CA. I'll be moving to Cambridge (MA) in September, though.
Email: polkadotumbrella@sbcglobal.net
Info: I'm somewhat anti-social. Photography is my main passion, and I practically take my camera everywhere with me. 
Interests:  feminism, garage sales, photography, thrift stores, san-x, reading, singing, riot grrrl, punk, psychology.
Favorite music: Sleater-Kinney, Le Tigre, Pretty Girls make Graves, Metric, Dresden Dolls, Epoxies, X-ray spex, Bratmobile, Stereo Total, the Raincoats, Postal Service, Magnetic Fields, Cat Power, The Decemberists, Belle and Sebastian, The Shins, The Slits, Stellastarr*, Lily Allen, Regina Spektor.
Favorite movies: Ghost World, Trainspotting, Amelie, Garden State, Little Miss Sunshine, Pumpkin, Science of Sleep.
TV Shows: America's Next Top Model, Desperate Housewives, Gilmore Girls, Project Runway.
What I’m looking for in a penpal: someone who won't stop sending letters quickly, and possibly someone to trade photos, mix CDs and stationary with. I don't mind writing to people who're older or younger than me.
and some pictures. 

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[12 Feb 2007|07:34pm]

Name: Samantha, but I go by Sammi.
Age: 18
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Country: U.S.A.
Taken or Single: Single :(
Career or Future Career: I'm not sure right now. I'm a freshman in college in NYC and my major is Communications.
Main interests: photography, art (my favorite artist is Andy Warhol), music, fashion, friends, tv, movies, burts bees, pop art, candles, shopping, living in new york, raspberry/green tea, peppermint bark, sushi, jamba juice etc
Favorite music:80's music, Juliette & The Licks, Bright Eyes, Taking Back Sunday, White Stripes, RHCP, Lily Allen, The Cure, Velvet Underground, Liz Phair,Angels & Airwaves, Belle & Sebastian, Blondie, The Cranberries, Dashboard Confessional, Fiona Apple, Fleetwood Mac, Garbage, Goldfrapp, Scissor Sisters, Gwen Stefani/No Doubt, Horrorpops, Jenny Lewis/Rilo Kiley, Keane, KT Tunstall, Pearl Jam, Regina Spektor, The Shins, Snow Patrol, Tegan and Sara, The Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Cyndi Lauper, Death Cab for Cutie, Arctic Monkeys, Aqualung, The Clash, Bob Marley, Journey, Goo Goo Dolls, Oasis, Joni Mitchell, Patti Smith
Favorite books: I like the Nanny Diaries, and Shrimp and Gingerbread.
Novels: not into novels.
Favorite movies: Molly Ringwald's classics (pretty in pink, 16 candles, breakfast club)The Holiday, A lot like love, girl interrupted, edward scissorhands, almost famous, click, say anything, 13 going on 30, how to deal, flash dance, big, dirty dancing, practical magic, don't tell mom the babysitter's dead, heathers, riding in cars with boys, gremlins, the family stone, donnie darko, reality bites, now and then, pleasantville,Walk the line, back to the future part 1 and 2,In her shoes, High Fidelity, Night at the Roxbury, Clueless, Elizabethtown,Stepford Wives and tons more.
Favorite TV show/movie's: Miami Ink, Wife Swap, Trading Spouses, Nanny 911, Supernanny, all the vh1 celebrity gossip shows, I Love New York, Gilmore Girls, Sex and the city, Absolutely Fabulous, Married with children, The Simple Life, (anything on the food network except iron chef and good eats, I LOVE GIADA DE LAURENTIIS AND PAULA DEEN)Weeds, Girls Behaving Badly, Campus Ladies,The Chapelle Show, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-list, Roseanne, Andy Milonakis, The Girls Next Door, My Super Sweet 16, Real World Denver, What Not To Wear, Little People: Big World,
Favorite Animal(s): dogs, ferrets, and ducks.
Describe your ideal penpal: I care more about content than appearance (however, a cute letter is a plus!) - the person must be willing to write frequently. I also like sending pictures and random things such as stickers, mix tapes, etc. So if that person is willing to do the same, thatd be awesome.
What age do you want them to be? I'm 18, so my age limit would be 17-22.
What sex do you want them to be? Preferably female, I've never had a male penpal before and that could be fun too.
Anything you would like to add: I've been penpalling since 2003, so this is not anything new to me. I love writing letters, my letters are filled with colorfulness, stickers, and long conversation :) I normally don't write first, but I do make exceptions.
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[31 Jan 2007|08:44pm]

Well, I've been filling these out all days, and I believe this is the last community like this I have found.

I'll tell ya some stuff if you'd even feel like reading what I got to say. And if you do read what I'm saying, I'd like to be penpals with you because there are very few people who would like to hear me ramble, haha.

Anyway, I'm Karen, I'm at that part of your teenage years where you're just kind of there and completely lost and you don't know what you want out of life. I'm sixteen. I can be dramatic I suppose. I like to write, I can't say I'm good, but I like to write what comes to my mind rather then fill out silly introduction surveys. I love Art, but who doesn't really.. I love to read, again, who doesn't. I'm not that out of the norm, but most people I go to school with call me weird, I guess that's because I'm not the typical high school student, I'm hardly ever there, I don't get good grades, I don't like partying, and I don't/never have had a boyfriend. I don't know why, it just happened that way. I've never really been that social of a person, when I was little I never went outside, I would rather sit inside and play video games or be the lazy bum that I am. I think I've always had insecurities, I remember being a small child and looking down at my stomach and crying because I thought I was fat. I was 7. I don't know why I would think that then, looking at me then now, I was so teeny! I don't know. I guess my thoughts have always been my worst enemy. I like to ramble on about things people don't really care about, and I've been told I acquire quite a bland personality. Looking at everything I just wrote, I seem rather insecure, I won't deny it, I am. But I'm not one of those insecure people who are begging for attention, I dislike all eyes on me. I like talking to people one on one. I like writing to people and leaving things anonymous. I always leave anonymous notes where ever I go, and most of the time I write lies. Haha. I don't know, I like to make life more interesting. I'm probably going to fail my junior year of High School because I don't ever go to school. I don't know why, I just never feel well, I've quite the anxiety disorder. Anyway, I don't feel like writing any more cause I'm rather sick right now and I'd like to crawl into my bed. If you're interested in talking to me, e-mail me: discoveralice@yahoo.com.

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[19 Jan 2007|09:33pm]

Hello. My name is His Most Awesome Aloofness, Reverend Ryan (L-FL)™, but I guess you can call me Ryan for short. Some people call me ry bread. *giggle*

I believe that I made a post a while back, however, I've been extremely busy due to work and school and I finally have enough time to get serious about pen palling.

So, here we go:

I am a 20 year old Airman stuck in the 9th circle of Hell (Cheyenne, Wyoming).

David Bowie, Simon & Garfunkel, The Shins, Bright Eyes, Crocheting, Collaging, hemp jewelry, anxiety pills (Xanax + The Shins = My happy place), Motherfuckin Snakes on a Motherfuckin Plane, AM Radio, photography, journaling, sending and receiving wonderful packages and letters, making mix cds, Dostoyevsky, Vonnegut, poetry, fashion, legos, smoking (Marlboro Milds), reading, listening to music 24/7, traveling, learning new languages....

Drama, stupid people, socialism, homophobes, wyoming, Barok Obama (sp), Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, extremist ________ (insert any religion/political theory/etc. in the blank), strawberry flavored anything, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, incontinence.

eh...I like to think I'm pretty vanilla.

anyways, if by some random miracle you think i'm actually an interesting person, feel free to comment or email me at
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i am back [again] [02 Jan 2007|04:18pm]

I just recently moved into a new apartment and I have been getting back into my writing and journaling... I would love to get some snail mail from anyone who is interested.

Here is some info about me.

x] Name: elyssa
[x] Age: 27
[x] Birthday: november 12, 1979
[x] Location: phoenix area, arizona

[x] Main Interests: amazon wishlist, the art of journal making, indietronica. Dive bars, fashion magazines, cheap booze, and cute boys.

[x] (Self-)Described as: independant, amiable, geniune, bff
[x] Work?: secretary at real estate brokerage office in downtown phx
[x] Who are your favorite bands?: elliott, gloria record, explosions in the sky, joanna newsome, the knife, leander, the album leaf, cantaloup, boards of canada, matt pond pa, placebo. [ a lot of mellow indie and electronic music lately]

[x] Favorite movies: Im a huge movie buff...mostly indie/foreign/documentaries
[x] Favorite authors: too many...Im intereted in folklore,fiction,youth fiction, memoirs
[x] Current favorite book: always open for suggestions.
[x] How many pen pals do you want?: 2-3
[x] What gender do you want them to be?: whichever
[x] Where do you want them to be from?: anywhere
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[11 Dec 2006|02:35pm]

Name: Kaily (kay-lee)
Age: 18
Current Residence: Kelseyville, California, USA.
Favorite Shows: Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Farscape, Battlestar Galactica, ER, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Heros, The Office, Ghost Hunters, Dead Like Me, Eureka, Charmed, Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Law & Order: SVU, and Xena Warrior Princess.
Favorite Music: Emo/Rock/Indie/JPOP/JROCK, Finch, My Chemical Romance, Matchbook Romance, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, Sugarcult, Brand New, HIM, Snow Patrol, Avril Lavigne, Blink 182, The Beatles, Eminem, Coldplay, Damien Rice, Nirvana, Staind, TATU, Three Day's Grace, The Killers, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Oasis, Simple Plan, The Postal Service, The Used, Dashboard Confessionals, Yellowcard, Maroon 5, Daphne Loves Derby, Bright Eyes, Modest Mouse, Utada Hikaru, Dir en Grey, Something Corporate, Trust Company, Lost Prophets, Story of the Year, Ashlee Simpson, The Rasmus, Deftones, Adema, Gorillaz, Hawthorne Heights, Kelly Clarkson, Daft Punk, Howie Day, Death Cab For Cutie, 30 Seconds To Mars, Damageplan, Shadows Fall, and Jimmy Eat World.
Favorite Movies: Moulin Rouge, Harry Potter, Bloodrayne, Trainspotting, Kill Bill, X-Men, Hidalgo, Gothica, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Interview With The Vampire, Dracula 2000, Queen of the Damned, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, Underworld, Imagine Me and You, Practical Magic, Advent Children, and Girl Interrupted.
Favorite Books: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, any Anne Rice books, any Ameila Atwater-Rhodes books, and Moon Called.
Other Interests: Vampires, anime, manga, video games, scifi, cats, drawing, writing poetry and fanfiction, books, and lots more.
Pen Pals: Anyone, who will write back, packages, long letters, postcards, swaps, whatever.
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:::penpals wanted::: [27 Nov 2006|04:03pm]

[x] Name: liana
[x] Age: 26
[x] Birthday: june 28 1980
[x] Location: long island, ny (originally from germany)
[x] E-mail: wooszle@yahoo.com
[x] Main Interests: letters, books, coffee, foreign countries & languages, cute stationery, 2nd hand, vintage, livejournal, music, big cities, crocheting, art, flea markets, psychology, cats, internet, existentialsm, hello kitty (and sanrio in general), san-x, my husband john :), creativity (doing stuff on my own),...
[x] (Self-)Described as: creative, introvert, chatty (if not introvert :p), curious
[x] Work?: atm i am at home
[x] Who are your favorite bands?: boards of canada, rescape, four tet, armin van buuren, incolumnis, murcof, dj tiesto, biosphere, the black dog, massive attack, the orb, global communication, emiliana torrini, cocorosie, tori amos, yann tiersen, aimee mann, thievery corporation, kruder & dorfmeister, yasume, lamb, morcheeba, aural float, sia, goldfrapp, stina nordenstam, siouxsie & the banshees, bauhaus, new order, iszoloscope, 5f_55, ... look here for my actual musical enjoyments: http://www.last.fm/user/wuselwuschel/
[x] Favorite movies: stay, lost highway, pi, ghost in the shell, lost in translation, the last temptation of christ, the 6th sense, moulin rouge, thomas in love,...
[x] Favorite TV shows: that 70's show, meerkats manor, the simpsons, family guy, southpark, cheers, king of queens, sopranos, ...
[x] Favorite authors: paulo coelho, umberto eco, john irving, henry miller, ...
[x] Current favorite book: hm... i am just about to read a book by mark twain
[x] How many pen pals do you want?: as many as i can get :)
[x] What gender do you want them to be?: female, but if there are guys writing letters... sure
[x] Where do you want them to be from?: anywhere
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another penpal advert [14 Nov 2006|09:27am]


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[07 Nov 2006|12:02pm]

I cross-posted these pictures in leslettres, so apologies if you're seeing this twice (though I recommend joining leslettres; it's picking up from where this community left off with pretty mail pictuers & such!)

But this is a package I'm sending out to someone, filled with my zines, mix cd, & other bits & pieces...

I am hoping to get back into writing letters & things... ♥

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I really miss writing letters. [01 Nov 2006|06:59pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

comments or emails are lovely ♥
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[07 Oct 2006|07:30pm]

i want to post some mail i gots!

alice in wonderland lovely notecards, from brazil, j'adore alice!

more mailsCollapse )

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Sup. [02 Oct 2006|01:47am]

I made a post quite similar to this one at the beginning of this year (in fact, parts of it has been copy/pasted into this one, as I am much too lazy to type up a whole 'nother post) but I was bad and forgot to go through with the replies I got. I know, I know, bad me. But I'm serious this time. I want to write. And I should, seeing as how I just changed my major to English (with a concentration in Creative Writing).

My name is Marie and I am 19 years old, in my second semester of sophomore year at Louisiana State University. Like a lot of the people in this community, I get really excited about receiving mail, but I haven't had a penpal nor have I gotten anything more personal than free samples in my mailbox in ages. I want to find just a maybe two or three penpals (if I get too many, I won't be able to keep track or reply as quickly) who I won't just think of as some stranger I tell about my life but as a sort of long-distance friend. Someone between the ages of 18 to 22 would be ideal, I guess. And, just to save on stamps (poor college student, what can I say?), I'd prefer a penpal from the United States -- particularly ones that might live in NYC as I hope to move there at some not-so-distant point in my life, but those who live in other places are just as welcome to write.

A few key things to know about me, just so you know what you're getting yourself into...
  • I’m pretty anal when it comes to grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization and etc., even “just” on LiveJournal or AOL Instant Messenger.
  • I ramble and, because I’m scatterbrained, tend to go off on tangents a lot. This usually results in long letters.
  • I use Internet slang like “qt,” “lol(z),” “omg(z),” and “srsly,” but you have to realize that it’s mostly as a joke. It kills me a little inside whenever I see people use that stuff and mean it.
  • I love music (who doesn't?). I listen mostly to “indie pop/rock” (whatever that really means) but there are plenty of music in other genres that I like. Rap, country, and hardcore music even have their moments. And I’m not at all ashamed to admit that Britney Spears and Journey will forever hold special spots in my heart.
  • I often act a tomboy. This could be the result of my friend group consisting 90% of males. So if a crude joke or the word “penis” accidentally pops out onto the paper, please forgive me. It was probably just reflex.
  • I am UNHEALTHILY OBSESSED with the "Harry Potter" series. Just keep it in mind.
  • I have a funny sense of humor. As in, I think dead baby jokes are hilarious.

  • All-in-all, I'm looking for an intelligent person who is just as laid-back as I am. If that's you, please email me at supermarieoh@gmail.com or just leave a comment here and I'll get back to you promptly (since I'm just as crazy about checking my email).

    I'd also like to exchange the occasional little care package with my penpal(s), so if you're into that too, that'd be perfect. :D
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    [30 Sep 2006|09:50pm]

    I've been looking at this community for a while, and it seems extremely interesting. I've noticed that you've had a lack of activity, so, I'm going to introduce myself. Hoping to find some penpals, though I've never mailed anyone that I've never met before. I love to write letters, and I hope I can meet some interesting people. :]

    Name Kelli
    Age 15
    Location Orlando, Florida
    Interests Basically, I love anything that has to do with art. I love to draw portraits- usually just faces of people I know or people that I see and find interesting. Faces fascinate me moer than anything else in the world. I play piano, and I like to sing, but I wouldn't call it a serious hobby. I've recently learned to use a sewing machine, and I've been trying to make more clothes for myself, which I'm pretty terrible at... but it's getting there, I guess. Writing is one of my favorite things to do in my spare time, and I mostly write prose, just little things that don't mean much. It's a nice way to pass the time. I also love to watch movies, especially by myself.
    Music Bright Eyes, Tilly and the Wall, Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor, Elliott Smith, Rilo Kiley, Anya Marina, Stars, The Strokes, Ben Lee, Deathcab for Cutie, The Postal Service, Ben Kweller, Ben Folds, The Spice Girls, haha. I love music, and most of the other artists that I listen to have the same type of sound as these. I'm really into indie-folk.
    Movies The Virgin Suicides, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Brick, After Hours, Pieces of April, The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, I <3 Huckabees, Shopgirl, Broken Flowers, The Science of Sleep(which I saw today)... more, I'm too lazy. :]
    Looking for Anyone between the ages of 14-18, and I'd like to start out with females. My mom is probably going to freak if she finds out that I'm doing this in the first place, so I'd rather her discover me with letters from unknown girls than unknown guys. xD
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    Hey [30 Sep 2006|01:49am]

    I think we have all forgotten each other.... why don't we start over. It would be refreshing if everyone introduced themselves again.... but I guess you dont have to?
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    [30 Sep 2006|01:33am]

    I am looking for creative people who would like to have some swapping fun, people who would like the exchange things like....
    Random photographs, and lots of them, hand made stationary, self decorated envelopes, zines, decos, art, art, art, creative ideas, poetry, random thoughts, dream journals, stories, collages, I once did a thing with this girl where we never wrote letters, we just sent each other random things, pictures, magazine cut outs, plane tickets, concert tickets, maps, art, anything that represented us, and told our story, that was really fun. really, anything creative, plus tea, stickers, long letters, cute japanese things and mixed cds, randomly beautiful things you find laying around, an artistic portral of your favorite word, patterns, receipes, candy, things written in other languages, pages from old books, scraps of fabric, lace, tiny scrapbooks that tell me who you are, your life story, a visual representation of the one you love, postcards, dried flowers, stories of your broken heart, anything that creatively represents you. Give me your email and tell me what kinds of things you are interested in, and I will send you my address.
    yay, I can't wait.
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    mail! [28 Sep 2006|03:19pm]

    Ok... let's try to jump start this community or else it'll end up as dead as my poor old car, Myrtle the Turtle (who's currently stranded on the side of the road, several streets away after a bit of her engine plopped out, poor old girl).

    Here's some pictures of some of the lovely mail I've received recently. From now on I'm going to do my very best to remember to photograph much more of it and post it here :)

    & some envelopes I made;

    Would anyone else care to share?
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    where are all the letters? [09 Sep 2006|03:29pm]

    Hmm... this community isn't very active. Does anyone think that maybe the friends list should be cleaned up a bit by removing all the deleted journals and then maybe we could make a banner and get promoting the community for some more, enthusiastic members? :) Just a thought... please don't get mad at me!
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