Liana (woosle) wrote in theletterchain,

:::penpals wanted:::

[x] Name: liana
[x] Age: 26
[x] Birthday: june 28 1980
[x] Location: long island, ny (originally from germany)
[x] E-mail:
[x] Main Interests: letters, books, coffee, foreign countries & languages, cute stationery, 2nd hand, vintage, livejournal, music, big cities, crocheting, art, flea markets, psychology, cats, internet, existentialsm, hello kitty (and sanrio in general), san-x, my husband john :), creativity (doing stuff on my own),...
[x] (Self-)Described as: creative, introvert, chatty (if not introvert :p), curious
[x] Work?: atm i am at home
[x] Who are your favorite bands?: boards of canada, rescape, four tet, armin van buuren, incolumnis, murcof, dj tiesto, biosphere, the black dog, massive attack, the orb, global communication, emiliana torrini, cocorosie, tori amos, yann tiersen, aimee mann, thievery corporation, kruder & dorfmeister, yasume, lamb, morcheeba, aural float, sia, goldfrapp, stina nordenstam, siouxsie & the banshees, bauhaus, new order, iszoloscope, 5f_55, ... look here for my actual musical enjoyments:
[x] Favorite movies: stay, lost highway, pi, ghost in the shell, lost in translation, the last temptation of christ, the 6th sense, moulin rouge, thomas in love,...
[x] Favorite TV shows: that 70's show, meerkats manor, the simpsons, family guy, southpark, cheers, king of queens, sopranos, ...
[x] Favorite authors: paulo coelho, umberto eco, john irving, henry miller, ...
[x] Current favorite book: hm... i am just about to read a book by mark twain
[x] How many pen pals do you want?: as many as i can get :)
[x] What gender do you want them to be?: female, but if there are guys writing letters... sure
[x] Where do you want them to be from?: anywhere
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