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theletterchain's Journal

The Letter Chain community
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This is a community for mail; post pictures of wonderful letters, postcards or packages you have received, or post about meeting someone & being their penpal. This is designed to bring interesting letter-writers together. Maintained by tweeling (formerly miery).

• DO NOT MAKE POSTS SAYING YOU SENT LETTERS TO X, X & X. This ruins the surprise element of receiving mail and is also really annoying.
• You CANNOT!!!!!! post any "join-this-other-community-I-Made!" links/posts.
• You cannot post to get more people to add you as a friend, post personal entries (that's what YOUR journal is for.), etc.
• The maintainer may post whatever she wants to if she feels it is important for the community.
• If you join you must have the intent of posting pictures at least once.
• NO MORE SURVEYS! I posted it about in the community but now it's a rule so as of 10.23.03 if I see a post with that survey in it, I'm deleting it.

If you have any problems with these rules, contact the maintainer.

& feel free to check out my other communities gritty_impared & nonaverage_mix.