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I would love to find ONE penpal from overseas. Preferably someone who speaks English considerably well, as I don't speak any other language, and someone who really doesn't mind the cost and effort that you have to put into having an overseas penpal. I am looking for someone from Europe or Asia, somewhere, I'd like to send little care packages of things that represent the country, society, and culture itself, like.. things that I would never be able to taste, see, or experience unless I went there, I want my penpal to be interested in other cultures, music, art, and to be creative and friendly... I hope this can happen?
I could also handle a few people just to write my thoughts out to, I have quite a few thoughts and absolutely no friends (outside of work-friends and the significant other, that is) I seem to move around quicker than people will befriend me.. so I'd like to at least get some of my thoughts off my chest.. I don't know if anyone would ever really want to hear them though. So.. someone understanding, supportive, creative and happy, preferably.
A few things about myself....
I'm 21, married, no children, I went to art school for a bit, I love to draw, paint, learn and create. I love other cultures, I would love to talk to people of other races (I'm just a little white girl, btw) Because I want to understand how it feels to live in this world, or rather, maybe this country, as a minority, I also have always wanted someone I could discuss racism with openly, I want to know how it effects people, why people are racist, how they get over it and what it really feels like to be discriminated against. These may seem like a silly thing to want to know, but until I was in high school, I was completely ignorant of prejudice, and I didn't even know racism still existed, I knew it had back in the 60's, but I thought ...you get the point right? I just really want to learn about people, I guess. So, give me your email and I will send you my address and we can get on with all of it!
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